Larry T. Pourier


Larry T. Pourier

Larry T. Pourier is the Director for Urban Rez. He has worked in the film, music, and theater industry for over 20 years. His range of work includes: Producer, Assistant Director, Casting, Consultant, Actor, Stunts, and Motivational Speaker. Other film credits include: Imprint, Skins, Good Meat, Spiral of Fire, Stone Child, We Shall Remain (PBS), New World (Feature), Dreamkeeper (ABC), Skinwalkers (PBS), Lewis & Clark (IMAX), The Witness (IMAX), Crazy Horse (TNT), Lakota Woman (TNT), Buffalo Soldiers (TNT), Tecumseh (TNT), and Doe Boy (Indie). His latest achievement was to help develop and produce an ongoing Native American public history program for historical Colonial Williamsburg, the first in their history. Larry’s knowledge of his culture and homeland continues to enhance the projects he has worked on. He is not afraid to cover controversial issues to help the public understand the truth about Indian people. Larry was born and raised on the Pine Ridge Reservation, where he is well respected for his achievements, humility, and continuous help and support to the people in his community. When not working on a project he lives in Thunder Valley, on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

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Oglala Lakota


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