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Jenni Monet

Jenni Monet is a multimedia journalist and documentary filmmaker based in New York City.  Since 2006, she has been chronicling the contemporary lives and issues of indigenous peoples worldwide, including among America’s tribal nations.  Her work has been recognized by the Library of Congress in 2011 and by the American Indian Film Institute in 2008.  With a media career spanning nearly 15 years, Jenni's stories have been featured on CNN, CBS News, NPR, and PRI.

Jenni is currently in post-production of a documentary funded in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Vision Maker Media--profiling the lives of Inupiat villagers living in one of the most doomed coastal communities in the North Arctic.  She’s also in production of the independent film, The Last Treaty--a heartfelt story that unravels the little-known legacy of the Cherokee Freedmen, or today’s descendants of African slaves once owned by Cherokee Indians.

In the past, Jenni has covered breaking news and politics as a TV anchor and reporter for CBS News affiliates in Colorado, New Mexico and Oklahoma; and as acting Senior Producer to Brooklyn Independent Television.  She’s also served as host and reporter for National Native News, a Public Radio International syndicated broadcast featuring news and politics shaping Native American and First Nations communities in the US and Canada.

Jenni is an alumna of the CPB/PBS Producers Academy, holds an MA in international politics from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and is a tribal citizen of the Laguna Pueblo in New Mexico.

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If ever there were a boot camp for emerging filmmakers, the folks at NALIP have laid the groundwork for how things might go: early mornings, late nights, constant networking, and in between, squeezing in sessions of proposal writing, film editing, music composition, crowd-funding and practicing the perfect pitch. After 10-days of non-stop work-shopping at the Latino Producer’s Academy, I felt as though I had pulled the ultimate all-nighter, extremely fatigued, but reflecting on the experience with much satisfaction.

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This weekend (Sat. Nov 20) in LA, niche marketing guru Peter Broderick and tech author Scott Kirshner will bring their social media crash-course, Distribution U: Version 2.0, to LA. I attended their NYC event last weekend. And, despite the day-long committment--an intense 9 hour session-- the tech refresher brought industry-types together to share secrets and stories of success on the latest in hybrid distribution models.

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Should tribes like the Shoshone and Arapaho attempt to bring back beautiful ancestral objects—drums, pipes, eagle wing fans, medicine bags, weapons, and ceremonial attire that ar