Gary Robinson


Gary Robinson

Gary Robinson is a seasoned writer and filmmaker of Choctaw and Cherokee Indian descent with experience in many aspects of documentary television production, script writing, as well as fiction and non-fiction publication. Much of his work has been about or on behalf of American Indian tribes, organizations and businesses, creating video programs and educational materials on the history, culture and contemporary issues of indigenous peoples.

Robinson just finished writing his third book, Little Brother of War, intended for Native American teen readers to be published by Native Voices Books in 2013. This series features Native American teen characters and situations, a first for the young adult fiction category.

In 2012, he completed production of a short video program Chumash Warriors Yesterday and Today that features interviews with Chumash military veterans for the Chumash Tribe. This program was shown at the 2012 Chumash Veterans Day event and shared with tribal members and families.

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The theme of the conference was “Going Tra-Digital,” and boy did we ever. Go Tra-digital, I mean. Held in the heart of Silicone Valley, just down the road from Google’s worldwide headquarters, Apple Computers and Stanford University, you could feel millions and millions of bytes being tossed about all around you. 



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