Brendan McCauley


Brendan McCauley

Brendan graduated from the University of Wisconsin in August 2009 with a degree in film. While there, he studied various aspects of the history of film, but with a special emphasis on American Independent Cinema and the Avant-Garde. He came to Vision Maker Media after months spent traveling the western portion of the United States, including New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, and California. In addition to his work with Vision Maker Media, he writes, takes photographs, and plays music.

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Project Coordinator
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A Year in Mooring is the latest film from Native director (and Vision Maker Media board member) Chris Eyre.  The film had its world premiere at the recent South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, with both the director, and star/producer Josh Lucas in attendance. It is the first feature by Eyre to deal with non-Native themes, though it is as meditative and inscrutable as anything put out by him thus far.