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Blue Tarpalechee

Blue Tarpalechee, a member of the Muskogee (Creek) Nation in Oklahoma, has been Vision Maker Media’s Project Coordinator since 2012. Blue serves in a project lead capacity on two ongoing initiatives. He is currently assisting in all of the behind-the-scenes work and logistics of the Vision Maker Media supported series Growing Native and team lead on the development of all PBS Learning Media resources for Vision Maker Media films in partnership with PBS stations nationwide. The valedictorian from the Institute of American Indian Arts  (Santa Fe, NM) is no stranger to Vision Maker Media. In 2011, he was awarded a multimedia internship in which he traveled to document efforts in various communities, wrote, shot and edited online video content for Vision Maker Media.

Job Title: 
Project Coordinator
Tribal Affiliation: 
Muskogee (Creek)
Recent posts: 

Blog Series:

The footage from the 24th Annual Canoe Journey in the Pacific Northwest has been processed.  Here is a sneak peek at some of that footage as host Chris Eyre (Cheyenne/Arapaho) speaks to the indigenous people of the area about their culture and traditions.

Blog Series:

Vision Maker Media recently traveled to the Northwest to film the 24th Annual Canoe Journey. We started at 6 a.m. documenting the launch from Tulalip. This amazing event will be part of the Growing Native series Vision Maker Media is producing for PBS.

Blog Series:

Vision Maker Media seeks stories that can be included in the seven-part series, Growing Native, which will focus on reclaiming traditional knowledge and food ways to address critical issues of health and wellness, the environment and human rights.





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Should tribes like the Shoshone and Arapaho attempt to bring back beautiful ancestral objects—drums, pipes, eagle wing fans, medicine bags, weapons, and ceremonial attire that ar