Adrian Baker


Adrian Baker

Adrian Baker has worked in animation (web/TV) for over ten years. His current project is INJUNUITY, a half-hour animated documentary using a mix of animation, music and real audio to explore modern American life from a contemporary Native American persepctive. This is his first big "solo" project and he is proud to be a part of the Vision Maker family. Even though he works as a producer and director of animated content, he has no formal education or training in the animation field. He comes to the table as a storyteller, with a background in writing that includes a BA from USC and an MA from San Francisco State. He has always loved animation as a form of storytelling. 

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I’m running late. The training workshop for Vision Maker Media (VMM) filmmakers starts in 20 minutes but here I am, sitting in traffic on the 880, staring at the Tesla Motors factory next to the freeway. The clock on the dash is ten minutes fast (one of those tricks that is supposed to fool you into being on time) but it looks like I’m going be late anyway. Indian time.


Getting together with a group of thoughtful, determined media makers to discuss the future is always a meaningful experience. Add a group of top-notch educators into the mix and what you have is something special. That’s what happened last month when Vision Maker Media, along with the Institute for American Indian Arts, graciously hosted a gathering of media makers and educators in Santa Fe to discuss everything from how media can effectively reach students in the classroom to creating national media campaigns for that very same media.


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